Accept the Position That Is Right For You

Exercise 2: Respond to a Job Offer

Once you decide on the position that best fits your requirements, accept the offer. You may call your new boss to express your appreciation and excitement about the opportunity, or write a note if terms of the offer need to be clarified. Be sure to clarify any terms or conditions you are unsure of prior to accepting a position.

If you determine the offer is not well-suited for you, decline politely and professionally. 

Sample Response to Reject an Offer


(Decision Maker’s Name, Title) 

(Decision Maker’s Name): 

Thank you for your offer to join (company) as a (position title). Unfortunately, I am unable to accept the offer because (state the reason for rejection : accepting a job with another company, position or company not a good match, unable to reach an acceptable offer, etc. – using words you are comfortable with).

I appreciate being considered for employment and wish you continued success.


(Your name)

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