Accept the Position That Is Right For You

Exercise 3: How to Respond to a Rejection Notice

You may receive a rejection letter after an interview. If so, keep your chin up and continue looking for the job that is right for you. It is appropriate to write to the decision maker and express your appreciation of their time in a positive response letter. Ending the interview process on a positive note will add to your credibility. Circumstances may change in a few months and the employer may decide to offer you a different position, so maintain a positive line of communication.

Sample Positive Response to a Rejection Letter


(Decision Maker’s Name, Title) 

(Decision Maker’s Name): 

Thank you for taking the time to interview me for the (position). Although I was not selected for the position, I would appreciate your keeping me in mind should a different opportunity arise for which my qualifications would meet your needs.

I appreciate being considered for employment and wish you continued success.


(Your name)

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