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Career Goals and Self-Assessment for people with disability.

Exercise 3: Develop Objective and Summary Statements

Next, develop an objective and career summary. These statements will directly relate to the self-assessment work you just completed: your strengths, abilities and interests. Be sure to include your key strengths in your career summary. Fill in the blanks with your relevant data. Feel free to change or modify the format to fit your situation.

Objective Statements

An objective statement describes your career goal in a clear and focused format. It directs your job search and your resume format. Many of your accomplishment statements will be directly in line with your objective.

Objective statement format:

Example #1: Seeking an administrative position in a growing company where my organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure successful operations and positive visibility.

Template: Seeking a (job title) position in (industry) where my (skill) and (skill) talents will (explain what they will do for a company).

Example #2: Seeking to improve employee relations and increase company effectiveness through excellent communication skills and ability to resolve conflict quickly.

Template: Seeking to (generate results) using (skill) and (skill) in a (company/industry).

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Career Summary Statements

A career summary statement highlights your experience, special skills and knowledge, and qualifications for the position you seek in a narrative or bulleted description. It explains how you are able to accomplish your objective statement. Your career summary will peak the resume reviewer's interest so they will want to pursue you.

Career summary statement format:

Example #1: Extensive experience in manufacturing environments with a proven track record for reducing work in progress and delivering product to customers prior to scheduled due dates. Proven ability to communicate effectively and to work cooperatively to resolve a variety of issues. Demonstrated success in maintaining a high level of productivity through organizational changes and transitions.

Template: (Type of ) experience in (type of work or industry). Proven ability to (key skills and proficiencies). Demonstrated success in (type of results you produce). Key strengths include: ___________________. (refer back to key strengths identified in the first exercise)

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