Stepping stones to a Successful Job application.

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Stepping Stones Along the Job Search Path

There is a lot of talk today about strategic planning. Businesses, not-for-profit organizations, religious institutions, and even schools are developing and implementing strategic plans. Planning is critical for success in business and your job search is no exception. Following are five stepping stones that will lead you through a strategic job search.

  1. Determine your career goal and conduct a self-assessment - A self-assessment of your strengths, interests and abilities and how they fit in the job market. 
    pebble Exercise 1 - Determine Your Strengths and Abilities
    pebble Exercise 2 - How to Develop Accomplishment Statements
    pebble Exercise 3 - Developing Objective and Summary Statements
  2. Determine the needs of the current job market - Develop a network of contacts. Learn how to conduct effective research on companies and industry of interest to you. 
    pebble Exercise 1 - Develop a List of Contacts
    pebble Exercise 2 - Research Companies and Industries
    pebble Exercise 3 - Prepare for Information Interview
    pebble Exercise 4 - Follow Up
  3. Present yourself as the solution to the employer's needs - Tips on resume and cover letter development, interviewing and follow up.
    pebble Exercise 1 - Create Your Resume
    pebble Exercise 2 - Create a Cover Letter
    pebble Exercise 3 - Prepare for the Interview
    pebble Exercise 4 - Follow Up (thank you note)
  4. Accept the position that is right for you - Negotiate successfully, evaluate job offers, accept your best option and professionally decline offers that are not well suited for you. Exercises include creating a decision matrix for evaluating job offers.
    pebble Exercise 1 - Determine Your Best Offer (includes special subsection with comparative salary information)
    pebble Exercise 2 - Respond to a Job Offer
    pebble Exercise 3 - How to Respond to a Rejection Notice
  5. Succeed in your new position - Tips about making the transition to a new job and professional development on the job.
    pebble Guide to Success
    pebble Exercise 1 - Set Specific Goals
    pebble Exercise 2 - Plan for Successful Communication

Select each stone to uncover more strategies for each phase of the process. Remember, leave no stone unturned.