Present Yourself as the Solution to the Employer's Needs

Exercise 3: Prepare for the Interview

To ensure you are prepared for your interview, complete this checklist:

Have you: Yes Not yet
Practiced your skills by simulating an interview with a friend     
Completed the company profile matrix so you are familiar with the company and job for which you are interviewing    
Obtained directions to the interview location so you know how long it will take you to arrive, park, and get into the building     
Acquired a good quality, dark color, conservative business suit, modest jewelry, clean shoes and a small briefcase or portfolio     
Prepared three talents to highlight during the interview    
Reviewed and practiced responding to questions I may be asked during the interview    
Reviewed and prepared additional job and company related questions to ask the interviewer    
Prepared to handle salary discussions (see tip below)    

You can include learn how disabilities should be discussed, get extra tips for interviewing and hear about some common mistakes in our Toolbox Media area.

Tips on salary discussion
Remember, whoever talks salary first loses; therefore, try not to disclose salary information. You can negotiate more successfully if you leave your salary out of the discussion. During any interview, focus on position requirements and your ability to meet needs, not salary. Delay answering salary questions until after you receive an offer. Click here to read more negotiating tips.

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