Researching needs of prospective company for Job applications.

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Determine the Needs of the Current Job Market

Now you must identify where your strengths and abilities can make a difference in the job market. Companies are always looking for people who will add value to their organization. While companies often advertise open positions, unadvertised opportunities usually exist as well. Your aim is to uncover an employer's needs and demonstrate how you can fill those needs. You can present an opportunity to meet their needs because you have a solution to offer them: your strengths and abilities. Let's discuss how to conduct research on industries and companies, and how to identify the key decision makers. First you develop a good list of personal contacts.

Exercise 1: Develop a List of Contacts

Record names, addresses and phone numbers of people you know who may be familiar with companies or industries that interest you. These contacts will be the starting point for your trail to a new job, so pick ambitiously. Studies show that 70 percent of candidates find jobs through networking like this where they identify unadvertised positions as well as advertised positions.

  Name Address Phone Number
Family Members
Co-workers (current and former)      
College/school friends      
People with whom you do business      
Association/club members      

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