Succeed In Your New Position

Exercise 2: Plan for Successful Communication

Communicating effectively on the job will greatly increase your success. Learn to connect with others so they can “hear” the message you are sending. Determine the communication style of the person with whom you are speaking and relate to them accordingly.

First, ask yourself questions to uncover a person’s communication style:

  • Do they tend to ask a lot of questions or drive the conversation?
  • Can you read them or not?

Next, organize the person’s style:

  • Thinkers tend to ask question and are not easy to read
  • Directors tend to tell information and are not easy to read
  • Harmonizers tend to ask question and are easy to read
  • Chargers tend to tell information and are easy to read

Finally, incorporate these guidelines when communicating with people of various styles:

Thinkers are likely analytical and are most comfortable with data and information. They usually withdraw from confrontation. Best approach: focus on facts and data.
Directors are likely leaders because they are action oriented and concentrate on results. Confrontation makes them highly autocratic. Best approach: focus on deliverables and status of activities.
Harmonizers are very sociable and pursue facilitation roles. They are very uncomfortable in confrontation and will often give in to preserve the peace. Best approach: focus on the positive and add personal insight.
Chargers are likely project leaders because they promote change and enjoy variety. They can be highly charged in confrontations and may lash out in personal attack. Best approach: focus on new information, ideas and current events.

People of all communication styles add value to an organization. Appreciate the complement of different styles and use that synergy to the company’s advantage.

Congratulations! You have completed all the Stepping Stones!

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