How to Write Job Resume.

Exercise 2: How to Develop Accomplishment Statements

Now that you have focused on a career field to pursue, let's develop accomplishment statements. These statements will not only help your self-esteem, they will help you recognize what makes you stand out from others and what makes you valuable to an employer.

Great accomplishment statements include the following items and make you look like a "STAR":

  • Scope of the task you set out to accomplish
  • Task  or goal of your work
  • Actions you took
  • Results you produced for the company

Ask yourself questions to recall your accomplishments:

  • What did I do on my last job that made me feel proud?
  • What were some of my past successes?
  • What did my boss highlight on my performance appraisal(s)?

In addition to awards received, consider consistent performance, problems you resolved and decisions you made as accomplishments. Many things you do on your job to contribute to the success of the company mission. Don't rule out accomplishments achieved outside your occupation, such as volunteer work. Give yourself credit for making a difference on the job!

Use the following format as a guide for writing accomplishment statements:


Accomplishment #1

Accomplishment #2

Accomplishment #3

Accomplishment #4

Scope:  circumstances that surrounded your accomplishment





Task:  what you were trying to accomplish






Action:  what you did

Click here for a list of action verbs




Result:  bottom line gained for the company







Create a one- to two-line accomplishment statement that includes each component. Remember: establish your level of performance! Quantify where possible, include team participation and take credit for team's successes, spell it out for the reader.

Click here for examples of accomplishment statements.

Accomplishment #1: _____________________________________________

Accomplishment #2: _____________________________________________

Accomplishment #3: _____________________________________________

Accomplishment #4: _____________________________________________

Accomplishment #5: _____________________________________________

You will use this information again when writing your resume, so keep it handy. In fact, you may want to keep a growing database of these statements for use in all types of presentations (resumes, cover letters, interviews, performance appraisals, etc.).

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